Survival Gear for Pets (Prepping for Doomsday)

This is my sister-in-law's adorable dog!
This is my sister-in-law’s adorable dog!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do if there’s a disaster or other emergency. I want to be prepared, and having supplies for the whole family is an important part of being ready. Here are my ideas on how to prepare for a crisis, whether it’s just a power outage resulting from a hurricane or snowstorm, or, heaven forbid, a bigger event like an earthquake or terrorist attack.

When planning for emergency survival, it’s important to consider how you’re going to take care of your pets. While you can probably “wing it” by feeding them stored up human food and using people supplies, it can be helpful to have survival supplies just for your furry family members. Here’s some survival gear for dogs, cats, and other pets. Also, I’ll share any tips I’ve found. Stay safe, please.

All in One Survival Kits – Like a Bug-Out Bag for a Pet

Are you a prepper? If you are, you probably know that a bugout bag is a bag that you have ready to take with you incase you need to evacuate your home. While I plan on staying home for most emergencies, there are some situations when leaving is the best option. For example, if there is a forest fire coming your way, or danger of flooding or a mud slide, you’ll want to leave to be safe. Sometimes you won’t have much time, so it’s best if you have a bag set aside that you can just grab and go.

This survival kit has medical supplies, freeze dried food, thermal blankets, sanitation/poop bags, and more.

Meow! Similar to the above dog bag, but for a cat.

Emergency Pet Food – Freeze Dried or Otherwise Food with a Long Shelf Life

This can be stored for 15 years! A nice peace of mind that you will always be prepared.

I actually own this. I bought it to store bird seed, but it is commonly used to store dry cat or dog food and I’m thinking of getting another set for that purpose. It has a seal so it’s air tight. That means the food won’t spoil easily. I wish I knew how long dry food would keep in this, but I have yet to find out…. But I know that you could rotate food and if you keep a couple of these full, you’ll have at least of a month’s supply at any time.

Food rotation is a good way to store up emergency food. You keep a lot of food on hand, but always use up the oldest food so that it never goes stale. It’s an affordable alternative to buying freeze dried emergency food.

Survival Gear for Traveling with Pets – In some scenarios, you won’t be able to leave by car

In some natural disasters, like earthquakes and volcano eruptions, roads and bridges might be blocked. Also, if there is an “end of the world as we know it” long term situation (apocalypse), gas will run out and walking or biking will be the only means of transportation.

So, basically, you might have to leave your house on foot. To be ready for such a situation, look into camping and hiking gear. People often hike with their dogs, so supplies are readily available. Here are some ideas.

If your dog is healthy, he should be able to carry some of his own supplies with this harness backpack.

A water bowl that you can easily bring with you. It won’t spill!

Medical Supplies for your Dog or Cat – You might have to be your pet’s Vet

People and animals can get hurt in an emergency by broken glass, falling objects, and more. Scrapes, cuts, and broken bones are all real possibilities.

This has gauze pads, tweezers, ointments, and more. It looks like a good kit to have around for every day use, as well as for an emergency.

In most emergency situations, loosing electricity is very likely. During a blackout, you won’t be able to go online for answers, so medical books will become very valuable.

Dealing with Dog Anxiety – Pets are good at sensing our feelings

Providing comfort is more than just a physical thing.

Have you seen this? It’s a weighted vest that’s supposed to calm your dog during thunderstorms, and other anxious situations.

Humans like to have chocolate… and dogs like these! Well, some dogs… but seriously, figure out what kinds of treats your pets like and keep some extra around.

Recover a Lost Pet Fast – A New Gadget – A Dog Tag with GPS!

They say that more dogs and cats go missing before an earthquake. They might be able to sense something ahead of time. Regardless, there is the possibility of your pets running off before or after an emergency.. Here’s a way to recover them fast.

If someone scans this tag, you will be notified. It’s a super quick way to find your puppy.

A Few Other Must Haves

With over 800 reviews, there truely must be something “amazing” about these….

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