Top 10 Best Gifts for iPad Users – My Favorite Ideas

My Mom just bought an iPad, so as I plan out my Christmas shopping this year, I’m thinking that buying her an iPad accessory might be the perfect gift idea. If you know someone who has just bought an iPad and fallen totally in love with it, then an iPad related gift idea might be a good holiday or birthday present. Here are my favorite top 10 gift ideas for iPad owners.

#1) Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad – Highly praised keyboard.

This keyboard works with all iPad models. It folds up and fits into a carrying case for easy transport, and when you take the keyboard out to use, the case turns into a stand! Isn’t that clever? This has about 200 reviews. I’ve looked at many bluetooth keyboards and this is the best one I found. It’s clear that this keyboard works with the iPad. So you can be assured that your gift won’t be a dud!

#2) iPad Pillow Stand – Lounging on the Couch? Or maybe in Bed? This is perfect!  This is the most popular stand for holding a tablet in your lap. Solves the problem of how to hold your tablet and use your hands to navigate it at the same time!

#3) High Quality Stylus for Drawing & Writing on the iPad! – Ideal for the Artist.  This comes with a brush tip and 2 rubber tips. The creative type will find a lot of use for this accessory – especially the brush tip.

#4) Cool Messenger Bag for the iPad User – Carrying Bag with Extra Compartments CaseCrown has a reputation for making high quality bags and cases, and this one has great reviews. It’s compatible with the iPad, iPad 2, & iPad 3, as well as other tablets.

#5) iPad Speaker Docking System – Turn your iPad into a Home Stereo System!  This is a portable speaker docking system that serves as an external speaker and a stand for the iPad.

#6) Apple Mac Blue Cufflinks for the Mac Fan! – Here’s something unique!

#7) How to Book for the iPad – Great Gift Idea for Novice Users.  This book has step-by-step instructions that are illustrated with full-color pictures. This edition has been updated to cover the iPad 2, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, or iPad mini running iOS 6.

#8) Give the Gift of Extra Battery Life! – Great Gift Idea for Travelers

This rechargable lithium battery is great for giving extra power to an iPad or iPhone. It’s especially ideal for those who are away from home for long periods of time. Going camping? Taking a trip somewhere? Sometimes you can’t easily plug your iPad into an A/C outlet, and that’s when this comes in hand! It can also be used in emergency situations when you forget to charge your battery.

#9) Fold-up iPad Stand – 5 Star Rating – This is sure to be a winner!  This features over 400 reviews and has a 5-Star rating! It’s best feature? Extremely portable! This could make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

#10) “Goodnight iPad” Funny Book – The Whole Family will Enjoy This One!  I’m thinking my Mom might really enjoy this book – she’s now a Grandma and she’s begun introducing the iPad to her 4 year old grandson, but soon I think she will have to also introduce this book as well 🙂 Great gift idea for any iPad user who might remember the children’s book “Goodnight Moon.” Parents will really relate to this… and find humor in it!

Cute Headphone Splitter for the iPad – Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea.  This Y-Bot turns one stereo headphone signal into two! A great accessory for teenagers and others who want to share their music or watch videos with friends and family.