Top 10 Cool Survival Gadgets that You’ll Actually Use

Best Survival Gadgets for Emergencies, Natural Disasters, & Power

There are lots of “cool” survival gadgets, but some are impractical and
expensive. On this page, I will show you the stuff you’ll likely want to
use if the power goes out or if there’s a natural disaster like an
earthquake or hurricane.

Many of these things would also be useful in an apocalypse type event
or societal collapse. However, you don’t have to be a prepper or
survivalist to buy these things – it’s just common sense to be prepared
for the inevitable power outage and/or natural disaster.

If you have a power outage in the Winter time, your furnace might not
work and your house may become really cold within a day or less,
depending on the outside temperature. If there’s been a disaster, you
might not be able to drive anywhere (bridges might be down, roads
flooded, etc) and even if you can go somewhere you might choose to
stay home to guard your house. This is where the Mr. Heater Buddy
comes in.

This Mr. Heater Buddy propane radiant heater is safe to use indoors
because it was a low oxygen sensor shut-off. This means it will never
run in conditions with low oxygen, which means that it won’t produce
dangerous carbon monoxide.

This can hook to a 20 lb propane tank, which will give you at least 60
hours of heat on high. For short term use, you can buy small 1lb
propane tanks which last 3-6 hours.

Keep your phone charged during an emergency!

I own a hand-crank radio/flashlight/phone charger like this one, and it’s
surprisingly good. It sure beats going out to the car to charge your
phone. It might not charge it very fast, but its sure better than having the
phone’s battery drain slowly.

Plus, radios are ideal to have in emergency situations. Not only can you
hear news and weather warnings, but listening to the radio is something
to do… It helps pass the time and can help you feel less alone. I love the
radio, and with this one you won’t have to spend any money on

A Flashlight you won’t have to look for! –
Ideal for Power Outages

This is a nightlight that doubles as a flashlight for emergencies. It lasts 8
hours. Since it stays plugged into an outlet, you always know where it is.
It automatically comes on at night time, so you can be sure that it’s
working day to day.

During a power outage, you can’t microwave food or use your stove…
And if there’s a hurricane outside, you probably don’t want to go out
there to barbecue! Set this up on your dining room table along with a
lantern, and you can boil food for hot cocoa, heat up canned soups and
other food.

Ideal for Long Power Outages, and for Outdoor Survival

I thought candles and flashlights would be good enough for a power
outage…. During a recent power outage, I found out that I was wrong!
You have to light A LOT of candles to get enough light to read by, and
then there’s always the worry of them tipping over and catching the
place on fire. And as for flashlights, they work well, but they go through
batteries pretty fast and they’re hard to prop up just right.

This lantern provides bright light for 40-90 hours on only 3 D batteries.
Furthermore, it has a LED light that flashes when not on, so if the
power goes out you can locate it. It has high/low/strobe settings and
handles and a hook. It gets great reviews and is one of the best LED
lanterns you can buy for an emergency.

When the lights go out, criminals sometimes take advantage of the
situation and looting is common during a disaster. If you put up several
of these lights outside your house, they will come on if motion is
detected. This will hopefully startle criminals and make them stay away.
For added security, you may also want to insta

This Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket Radio has impressive battery life & reception.

I personally own this radio, and have given it to two elderly family
members who both prefer it over bigger radios. It has excellent
reception on both AM and FM.

I often listen to this radio at night, and leave it on all night long. It runs
on 2 AA batteries and it will run for weeks at a time.

In an emergency situation, it can be greatly comforting to have a radio
that you can leave on as background noise or entertainment.

You Can Always Start a Fire with this – Still works even if it gets
wet! Now, you can’t say that about matches!

Start a fire in any weather condition, at any altitude. As long as you
have a little tinder, this Swedish Firesteel can light a fire easily with its
3,000-degree C spark! Important survival tool. A fire can keep you
warm, cook food, and help you to be found!

Tool to get out of your car alive – Window Breaker & Seatbelt
Cutter in one

Don’t die because you couldn’t get your seatbelt undone, or couldn’t get
the windows rolled down. This is important if you live near water, like
streams or ponds. It only takes a few feet of water to trap you and
drown you. We’ve all heard stories about people who have drowned in
their car. Buy this survival gadget and attach it to your car door. You
will have it if you ever need it.

Charge Your Smartphone, MP3 Player, and other USB Gadgets with the Sun.
Never be out of power! Keep this with you to insure that you can make
emergency phone calls at all times! With most phones, it will only
charge to 50%, but that’s enough power to make a phone call, send a
message, or look-up some information. It also has a flashlight
incorporated in it.

Emergency Supplies that are Easy to Store – Be Prepared for Any
Disaster – Earthquake, Nuclear Explosion, Snowstorm, Tornado,
Hurricane, Flood, etc

Excellent Survival Knife

Affordable survival knife made out of metal. Comes with some great
accessories and a carrying pouch. Great knife to have to get you out of
tough situations.

Cook your food for free with this Solar Oven – You can use the sun to
cook your food, and this makes it easy!
This solar oven can reach over 300 degrees, and cook your food to safe
temperatures. You don’t need any fuel. Great for power outages and
natural disasters. Plus you can save money by not having to pay for gas
or electricity to cook your food. If we have hyperinflation, that might be
a big savings.

Personal Beacon for Emergencies

This will send out a beacon that will identify who you are, including
information about your medical conditions. It has GPS which has about
a 1 mile accuracy, plus it has a honing beacon to allow rescuers to find
you quickly. 406 units like this one are known for their accuracy and are
highly recommended by rescue workers.

Use this Filter Bottle to Make Safe Drinking Water – The Coolest
Gadget of them all!

Sufficient water storage is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in
emergency preparedness. It takes a lot of space to store bottled water. If
you live in a place that’s not a desert, you can use this bottle to filter
rain water, pond water, etc to make it safe to drink. Before seeing this
lifesaver bottle, my plan was to just add chlorine to water to make it
safe to drink…. which will work, but who wants to drink water that
tastes like bleach? Not to mention that it can’t be particularly good for
you. So this looks like the solution. It was developed after Hurricane
Katrina. Most natural disasters cause clean drinking water shortages.
This is a must have for a survivalist.

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