Top 10 Gifts for Audiophiles

audiophile giftsBest Gift Ideas for Audiophiles….

Selected by an audiophile!

Are you shopping for someone who loves music and audio equipment? Maybe they have built their own speakers, invested in an expensive audio system (maybe one for each room!), enjoy listening to vinyl, love listening on new headphones and new speaker systems…. These are just a few characteristics of an audiophile! Here is my top 10 gifts for Audiophiles. Being an audiophile myself, I know how to Christmas shop for one! If you do have any doubts, though, pull a chair up for your Audiophile, and have them help you find the perfect gift for them. I’m sure they would love to help find the perfect present.

Gift #1 Audiophile T-Shirt

This is available in sizes Small to 3XLT, and if black isn’t your favorite color, you can choose from 10 others.

Gift #2 USB Headphone Amp

Also called a DAC, this is better than a sound card… you don’t hear any noise from your computer!!   This is a great alternative to a sound card, and also works great as a headphone amplifier. If you listen to music on high quality headphones, you probably know that an amplifier improves the quality immensely….

Gift #3 Audiophile Studio Headphones – these are among the best.  Audio-Technica makes some really fine headphones…. Yes, there are many headphones you can choose from, but this model is sure worth considering.

Gift #4 For Vinyl Fans – A new phono catridge.   This can make records sound more detailed, more alive, more depth, an amazing improvement in sound quality!  If you are looking for a gift for someone who has a vinyl collection, then I don’t think you can go wrong with this. Even if they already own a good system, a new cartridge will allow them to hear the music a bit differently. By the way, the price on this has dropped recently…. The cost of some needles is more than this cartridge (which comes with a needle).

Gift #5 A Book for the DIY Audiophile – Lots of Inspiration and Instruction here!  “This is an excellent resource for somewhat-experienced electronics hobbyists to make high-quality audio projects of all kinds. It’s very readable, and all the required resources (such as schematics, PC board artwork, and basic explanations) are provided for all the projects.” – Amazon Customer Review

Gift #6 Music DVD of their favorite band – This is one I’d recommend, but go ahead and find their favorite on Amazon… What’s better than listening to music? Wacthing it!   “An absolutely splendid reissue of a great rockumentary” – Amazon Customer Review

Gift #7 Oppo DVD / Blu-Ray Player – We have an Oppo DVD player and the sound is amazing compared to listening from our computer or from another DVD player.   This has over 400 5-star reviews. The Oppo has won awards… It’s not just my opinion. Check it out.

Gift #8 Tube Amplifier – Many Audiophiles will tell you that tube audio sounds better…. I won’t argue with them because I’ve heard it!

Gift #9 Audiophile Earbuds – Great Gift Idea for those who like Earphones.   I personally own these and they are outstanding.

Gift #10 New Set of Audiophile Speakers   It’s best to check and make sure they have room for a new pair first…. These are bookshelf size, but if there’s room, they’ve got bigger ones too!


Need More Ideas? – No problem, check out this link.

What the Hell do You Buy an Audiophile for Christmas?
Sound snobs are the easiest and yet hardest folks for whom to Christmas-shop. You know they want something audio-related, but you’re probably not qualified to choose something. No problem. We’ve got this.