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Top 10 Gifts for Starbucks Lovers

Starbucks Store inside Safeway in Lakewood WA 98499
Mount Rainier behind Starbucks Coffee (inside Safeway), Lakewood, Washington, USA.  Sunset, Winter Day.

Looking for something awesome to give other than a Starbucks gift card?  I mean, gift cards are nice, and probably the first thing you think about when brainstorming gifts for Starbucks fans. But maybe you don’t want to give the same thing as last year, or would just like something unique that stands out. Well, it turns out there are lots of gift options for Starbucks fans. Starbucks has made many kinds of merchandise over the years – from teddy bears to coffee mugs – and many of these remain quite collectible. Starbucks also makes some food products, like syrups, tea, gift baskets, and even hot cocoa – so you can give them a really tasty treat they can enjoy at home. I hope you find a good idea here. I love shopping online and buying thoughtful and memorable gifts. I have a few Starbucks fans in my family that I need to do some Christmas shopping for too!

#1) Starbucks Christmas Ornaments – Something hard to find at a Starbucks Store… Yes, Starbucks produced Christmas Ornaments.. Most of them were the shape of mini coffee mugs or coffee cups. I’m not sure if they are still making them, but these older ones are very collectible. Plus they’d look awesome on the Christmas tree.

These city themed ornaments are my favorite, but they are rare so finding an ornament for your favorite city might be a tough task. Just like the coffee mugs, these are very collectible!

#2) Starbucks Gift Basket – A Bit of Variety for the Starbucks Lover.  A gift basket usually has samples of coffee, tea, or other treats that the Starbucks fan might not be familiar with. It’s a great way to give them a little bit of everything.

Starbucks coffee, Starbucks Tazo Tea, Starbucks Coffee Mugs, and some extra treats…..

This gift box features a variety of Starbucks coffee! Ideal gift for the Starbucks Coffee fan.

#3) Starbucks Travel Mug or Tumbler – An easy way for them to enjoy coffee on the go, Starbucks style…  This Starbucks insulated tumbler keeps your drink hot or cold… This genuine Starbucks travel tumbler also comes in black.

Another Great Starbucks Travel Mug – This one can be customized with included marker This makes a great personalized gift! The outer clear layer comes off, and then you can write on the inside steel or plastic with the included dry erase market.

#4) Starbucks Hot Cocoa – A Great Warm Treat – A Great Christmas Gift Idea Starbucks is known for their coffee, but they also make outstanding cocoa. Give it a try, for yourself, or as a gift… Ever buy something as a gift and then decide to keep it for yourself? This might just be one of those kinds of things….

This has many positive reviews…. Some people think this is “the best cocoa ever!”

#5) Starbucks Teddy Bear – Starbucks Bearistas – Very Collectible! Yes, Starbucks makes Teddy Bears too! They have ones for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day…. Each year they come out with a new one. You could buy this year’s, or buy a collectible hard-to-find one.

#6) Starbucks Tazo Tea – For Tea Lovers Starbucks Tazo Tea is delicious. They have many varieties: back tea, green tea, herbal tea.

#7) Starbucks Via Coffee – Luxury Coffee at Home, or on the Go.   This is Starbucks version of instant coffee, but it tastes nothing like regular instant coffee. It’s designed to taste like fresh brewed coffee. Depending on the person, this could be a great gift idea and a real treat. Starbucks Via still costs more than home brewed coffee, so I consider it to be something special. It’s super easy to make… It’s the coffee equivalent of ordering in 🙂

#8) Collectible Starbucks City Coffee Mugs – Buy them a coffee mug from a favorite place Starbucks makes city themed mugs and only sells those mugs in that city. For example, if you want a Chicago Starbucks Mug, you can only buy one at a Chicago Starbucks. They are also only available for a limited time. This makes Starbucks mugs highly collectible. So, as a gift idea, you could buy them a unique coffee mug from a city they love.

#9) Starbucks Syrups – Make Great Tasting Coffee at Home! How does Starbucks create the great tasting coffee drinks? Usually with syrup!

Choose from Caramel, Classic, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Raspberry, and Vanilla.

#10) Books about Starbucks – Great Gift Idea for the Person who Loves to Read! This book is by Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks!

More Books about Starbucks – Starbucks History, Starbucks Business Principles, and More

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