Top 10 Trick or Treating Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

Skip the candy on Halloween and give out something memorable

I’ve been searching Amazon for the last week, and here’s what I’ve found for alternatives to candy for giving out on Halloween. I tried to find good deals that had low prices and lots of coolness!

My Mom gave out Halloween pencils last year, along with candy. I’m thinking of giving out glow stick bracelets this year.

Scroll down, tell me what you think, and decide on what you’re going to have ready when the costumed kids come to your door on October 31st.

I find that if you plan ahead and buy trick-or-treat prizes (gifts) early, you save money! All of these items are for sale on Amazon. And you save money if you buy all at once. If you decide to give out candy and some other special gift to trick-or-treaters, then you can buy the candy at the same time and maybe even get free shipping!

#1) Glow in the Dark Halloween Eyeball BOUNCY BALLS!

I always got bouncy balls out of the vending machine when I was a kid. I think I would have loved getting a bouncy ball for Halloween! This is a great alternative to food for a Trick-or-Treating treat.  Buy them in bulk and get great wholesale prices!

#2) Glow Stick Bracelets – A Fun Idea! – Cheap Alternative to Candy!

This actually costs less than candy!! This is a very fun idea for Halloween! Plus it well helps kids to stay safe on Halloween night!

Since the price is for 100 of them, you could give this out without breaking the bank, even if you have lots of kids stopping by!

#3) Stretch Island Original Fruit Leather – The Most Loved non-candy Treat

This stuff is like Fruit by the Foot, but better.

Kids love it. Don’t believe me. Read the reviews.

I’d say give out Apples or Oranges, but Halloween safety calls for only eating wrapped food.

#4) Spooky Pencils for Halloween – “Happy Halloween” Pencils

This also may be cheaper than candy. For Halloween last year, we gave out pencils and candy. Guess what? Some of the younger kids really loved the pencils! They wanted to pick out their favorite color and asked if they could have more than one! I think it’s because in school they can show off what they got for Halloween… A Halloween themed pencil could last the whole school year!

#5) Halloween Tattoos – Temporary, Rub-on Tattoos

You get 72 tattoos! It’s a variety pack, and has a Mummy, Pumpkin, Witch, Ghost, Zombie, and Cat!

#6) Potato Chips for Halloween – A Salty Snack Alternative to Candy

This is a variety pack. You get 36 individually wrapped packs of Pringles. And it qualifies for free shipping!

#7) Salted Peanuts – Snack Packs – Going Nuts for Halloween!

Peanuts are the cheapest type of nuts, but Amazon also has pistachios in similar packaging.

#8) Toy Dinosours for Halloween – Encourage Imaginative Play!

This would make a great Halloween gift for boys!

This is pretty cheap too!

#9) Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Fruit Flavored Lip Balm – Trick or Treating Idea for Girls

Their tastes and scents are real just like skittles!

#10) Dr. Seuss Bookmarks are a great idea! – Encourage them to read!

Motivating and fun Dr. Seuss bookmarks. Amazon also has many other bookmarks to choose from. Lots of fun!