Top Gift Ideas for Saxophone Players

I’ll help you find the perfect Saxophone gift! The Saxophone is one of my favorite instruments. While I’m not skilled at playing it, I love listening to it. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a Saxophone player, you’re in the right place. Here are my favorite gift ideas. I found everything from Jewelry to T-Shirts to Cases to Music and more! There are gift ideas here for Saxophone players of every type – beginners, amateurs, professionals alike! For Women, Men, and Kids. Good luck on finding just the right gift for that special someone!

Saxophone Tie – Fun Gift Idea for Him  It’s sure a tie that will stand out!  Great gift for the Saxophone player, music teacher, musician, etc.

Unique Saxophone Wine Holder – Great Gift Idea for Adults who love Saxophones & Wine!  This wine holder is a sculptor of a Saxophone player. It is handmade out of recycled steel. This is the perfect gift for the Sax musician who seems to have everything!

Saxophone Cufflinks  A unique jewelry gift idea!   Ideal for the Sax player who likes to dress up!  These are a great clothing accent!

The Best of Saxophonist John Coltrane – “Smoking Hot” Jazz DVD  If you’re thinking about buying some music as a gift, I’d recommend this DVD. The many Amazon reviews are “over the top” which indicates that this is far from your ordinary documentary. Check out the reviews. They can say it better than I can!

Best Jewelry Gift: Saxophone Earrings – Perfect Gift Idea for Her.  Are you buying a gift for your daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, or other female friend or relative? If they have their ears pierced and if they enjoy wearing fancy earrings, they’d probably be floored by this gift! This one is probably hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores!

Professional Saxophone Carrying Case – A Gift that will be used often! This carrying case is ideal for travel and everyday protection! It’s the perfect case for kids and adults. It’s lightweight and has backpack style straps. The extra pockets are great for accessories and things you don’t want to forget! It’s not cheap, but from the reviews, it sounds like spending the little extra is well worth it. If your Saxophone player’s case is falling apart – or is an older, heavier one – then they’d probably appreciate this new one. It does the job and looks stylish too.

Comfortable and Secure Neck Strap – Everyone who plays the Sax needs this! If they’re having neck or back pain from their current Saxophone strap, then you might consider buying them this one. Reviewers say that it relieves pain, makes the instrument feel lighter, and allows playing for many hours in total comfort.

Alto Saxophone Key Chain – Highly detailed! This is a beautiful under $20 gift that any Saxophone musician would love! Especially ideal gift for a teenager who is or will become a new driver! However, I know that I’ve always liked special key chains, at every age!

Awesome Stan Getz DVD – What’s better than listening to music? Watching it!  This DVD comes highly recommended. It is enjoyed by both Stan Getz fans and Saxophone musicians. Reviewers say that watching him play is very instructive. Learn from watching one of the greats with this Stan Getz video!

Stand for their Alto or Tenor Saxophone – Relax, just put your Sax in this stand…..  Whether they play one instrument or several, this Saxophone stand is sure to come in hand. It folds up so it’s easy to bring along. It’s a great thing to have – sometimes they may want to just set their Sax down, but not put it back in the case.

Gecko Plays the Saxophone – and quite well, don’t you think?   I like this tote bag. I think it’s quite eye-catching!

Practical Gift: Reed Case to Store Sax Reeds at Correct Humidity – A must have accessory!  This case stores 8 reeds at the perfect humidity. It’s important to store them correctly so that they don’t warp or mold. It uses a refillable Reed Vitalizer Humidity Control to insure that the Reeds stay nice.  If you’re buying this, I’d also recommend buying some of the refills. Each refill lasts at least a month.