Toy Cats that Purr, Move, and Meow!

Realistic Cats that Respond to your Touch

As technology improves, so do toys, and this year, there are some great realistic toy cats. These cats respond to your touch and are programmed to move, meow, purr, walk, and/or groom themselves, depending on the model.

These cats are a great first pet for the child who’s too young to take care of a real cat, or for those people who can’t have real cats because of allergies.

Although these toy cats were designed for the young, they are also providing comfort to older people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or those in nursing homes. There are many studies that show that pets provide comfort, and when a real pet can’t be taken care of, a toy one can give lots of pleasure.

Best Realistic Toy Cat for Cuddling! – Very responsive, will easily move to your touch!
This is not a walking cat, but rather a cat that enjoys being in your lap! It’s designed to be very sensitive. You can put it on its head, stomach, or back, and it will respond.

It can also detect motion and sound and will meow and purr at you! Its eyes opens and close, and as you can see in the below video, it can go to sleep.

This is a great cat for both kids and adults. There are positive reviews from people who have given it to young kids (preschool age) and also to adults, those with dementia or alzheimers, or for people in nursing homes.

It provides comfort, but doesn’t require the care of a real cat.

A baby kitten purrfect for your lap! The reviews on this are really touching. Both kids and the elderly love this. It responds really well to touch so it’s great for cuddling.

White Cat will Walk to you! – This cat will walk, meow, purr, and knead.

From reading the reviews, I’m not sure that this cat is as responsive as Lulu. However, it does walk on all 4 paws, which is something that Lulu doesn’t do. It is cheaper than Lulu.

This black and white kitten walks and purrs.  So cute!


Watch a Young Kid Play with Lulu – He tucks his new kitten in for sleeping 🙂