Toy Dogs that Walk – and more!

Toy Dogs that Walk, Bark, & More!

A toy dog is a great gift idea! They are so cute and adorable. Many little kids, from toddler age to elementary age, love having a toy dog to play with!

Here are several exciting ones to choose from!

This toy dog has a remote control leash so you can control which direction he goes! He is designed to respond to you like a real dog – barking, whining, and panting at just the right moments!

King Charles Spaniel Puppy – Walks & Barks

 I love how this cute King Charles Spaniel puppy looks! He doesn’t come with a leash, but don’t worry, he won’t go far. He will walk in a circle and come back to you. He will bark and make dog sounds. He is so cute and a perfect toy for little kids!

Toy Dog that Walks, Begs, Sits, Eats, and Poops!

Young Kids can learn how to take care of a dog!

This toy dog has many of the functions of a real dog… Even that one function that requires taking him outside for!

Isn’t this puppy so cute? It comes with a clicker that allows you to instruct the dog to walk, beg, or sit. When he begs he gets up on his hind legs and moves his paws.

He comes with a treat that you can give him… He pretends to eat it and then pretends to poop it! You will want to take him outside for that – good thing that he comes with a leash!

This is an adorable toy dog that would be great for little kids (toddlers, pre-schoolers, and maybe a little older) who aren’t ready for a real dog yet.

More Toy Dogs to Play with! – These Animated Dogs have Special Features

Small like a real chihuahua dog, this toy makes a great pretend lap dog. It’s so cute.

Barks and walks… Great for little kids who are too young to have a real one.

Today’s toy dogs are quite animated! They’re more than just stuffed animals – they’re almost like robot dogs. Many of them respond to the human touch and will act like a dog – barking, whining, and begging for food!

I think if they had these when I was a kid, they would have been on my Christmas wish list! I’ve always been a dog lover, but because of allergies I now can’t have a dog. Furthermore, real dogs require a lot of care which can be expensive…. A toy dog is a great alternative, especially for little kids!