Unique and Decorative Doorbell Button Covers

Make people smile when they ring your door! A unique doorbell button cover will make your entryway stand out! Here are some of my favorite doorbell covers. These generally just go over top of your doorbell, so they are easy to install. There are brass surrounds, animal ones, ones with lighted buttons, and more.

Maybe you’ll find the perfect doorbell button cover on this page. These are all so decorative and interesting! It’s an easy way to add a little outside home decoration to your house.

I have a boring doorbell, so I’m looking to upgrade for sure! I just have found so many choices that it’s hard to choose! I like cats and horses and frogs… oh my!

This blue, green, and yellow cat with swirl designs is quite pretty!  This doorbell button and cover go over top of an existing round or rectangular doorbell.  Great outdoor cat decoration that’s designed to last.

Bronze Frog Door Chime Surround with Lighted Button

This is great fun! It’s 3-dimensional. Visitors will have to reach into the frog’s mouth to push the doorbell.

This is made out of solid metal and designed to look like an antique. It should last forever!

Bronze Horse – Equestrian Outdoor House Decor

I have a horse lover friend who might be getting this for Christmas! 🙂

Southwestern Themed Gecko Doorbell Button & Cover – Everyone likes this cute lizard!


American USA Flag Patriotic Doorbell Cover – Great Outdoor Decoration for July 4th, Flag Day, or all Year Long!

As July approaches, I’m usually reminded to make sure that my American Flag is still in good shape, and usually I feel patriotic, so I buy a few decorative items like this one.

Easy to install over existing round or rectangular doorbell and the button is lighted! Ideal gift for a patriotic American!

Dragonfly Doorbell Cover with Lighted Button – Adds Character to the Entry Way

A doorbell cover is a nice design touch, sort of like a welcome mat or a wreath. It will give visitors a nice first impression of your house.

If you love dragonflies, this would make a nice doorbell cover. It is made out of solid metal (choose from pewter, bronze, or black) and looks quite handsome!

Bear Doorbell Button Cover – It looks like he has a fish in his mouth!

I want to go to Alaska and see a bear… but not too up close!

Beautiful Red Cardinal – Cardinals are Beautiful Birds!

This is such a colorful bird! I remember seeing it near my parents’ house in the winter time, in upstate New York. It sure stands out amongst all of the other birds that are more gray, black, and white.

Pink Flamingo Doorbell Button Cover – Tropical Decor – Great for Bird Lovers!

I saw Flamingos when I visited my grandparents in Florida! They have such magnificent birds along the beaches and lakes there.

Jumping Bass Fish – Fishing Themed Decor for your Front Door

Great idea for your fishing cabin!

This doorbell is a great gift idea for fisherman!

It comes with a lighted button and mounting screws. It’s easy to install over your existing doorbell.

I think first impressions are important!

A doorbell is one of the first things a person might notice when they come to your door. I like to have something in my doorway that interests my friends and relatives who may come to visit. Therefore, I’ve been thinking about buying several of these and switching them out each season. There are just so many that I like, that it’s hard to choose!

More Unique Doorbell Covers – Pineapple, Kitty Cat, Lighthouse, Hummingbird

More Ideas…

You could find planters that match your theme too! Or maybe a themed doormat? Maybe some spinners or other hanging decorations? I know that you can make it look any way you want!

Thank you for finding me on this world wide web!

I hope that my selection was quite helpful! Sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for…. Maybe I made it a little easier?

Let me know if you have any creative ideas, or a favorite product.