Unique and Wacky Barbeque Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who loves to barbecue? If they really love to BBQ, they probably have all those normal BBQ tools already, so I thought it might be fun to find some WACKY GIFTS that they won’t already own! These gifts are crazy, funny, unique, unusual, and possibly even bizarre! They would make great gifts for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day (for moms and dads who like to cook on the grill!)… As well as a great way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, July 4th, etc!

Unusual Gift Idea: Pig Barbecuing Wine Holder Sculpture!

Love Wine? And BBQ?  This wine caddy is hand crafted in Germany out of Recycled Steel and Copper. This gift works best when presented with a favorite bottle of wine.

Another unique wine holder.  What a face!

Down Under Assortment of BBQ Sauces and More!


“King of the Grill” T-Shirt – Nice design!

Branding Tools for BBQ – Personalize steak with names and funny sayings!  Have you seen this? It comes with a full alphabet, plus extra letters. You can make a custom steak every day!

Unique BBQ Recipe Cookbook – Fun Barbecue Book for Beginners

Got Steak? T-Shirt for Steak Lovers – Sizes Small to 3XL

Hamburger Hat for Adults – Ideal for BBQ Parties…  Party hats aren’t just for kids! Wear this to a family barbeque, July 4th picnic, or summer birthday party! Reuse it for Halloween!

Hot Dog Jewelry Gift Ideas – Unusual Earrings, Necklace Pendants, & Cufflinks, Sterling Silver Hotdog Charm


Great Addition to the First Aid Kit – Gag Gift Idea: Bacon Bandaids.

 This is a wacky gift! Many people who barbecue love bacon! Bacon goes great around steak, and also on cuts!

An Unusual Gift: Bean Can Safe – This is for laughs!  Or on second thought, it would make for a good stash box.


If you know someone who loves to barbeque, would you buy any of these gifts for them? Or would you rather buy something more traditional? As you can see, I really want out on a limb looking for these gifts. I had to think “outside of the box” and think about the kinds of foods that people love to grill… That’s how I came up with all of the strange stuff like hot dog earrings and steak belt buckles!