Unique Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Expecting Mothers. These are Mom-to-be gift ideas, but often with a twist. I’ve tried to pick out the gifts that are far from ordinary. They are unique, funny, and memorable. Mom and baby themed jewelry, maternity clothing, baby food maker, expecting Mom sculpture, and more.

Pregnant Belly Shaped Coffee Mug – Great Gift Idea for Coffee or Tea Lovers  I love the design of this mug!  Fill it up with candy, money, some jewelry, or something else to make this an extra special gift! If you’d like, buy two – one for the Mom and one for the Dad. I’m sure they will enjoy these!

Belly Book Journal – Best Keepsake for Mom and her Baby  A terrific way for the expecting Mom to record her journey! This journal is light hearted and humorous. And there are places for weekly pictures. This has over 700 reviews!

Cute Maternity T-Shirts –  There are so many cute shirts for Moms-To-Be. This is just one of them… If you click on the photo above you will also see other shirts for her, like ones that say “Coming Soon” and “Loading…” over her belly. This one says “Peak-a-Boo!”

Unique Gift Idea: Pregnancy Themed Tattoos for a Mom-to-Be! – Funny, Cute, & Sweet…. Great Decoration for a Pregnant Belly or anywhere else! x People have given these as gifts, and they have been well received by expecting Moms! So, if you are shopping for a baby shower gift or just a fun “I love you” gift, these might be the right thing to give. Here’s some of the sayings; “Love at First Kick,” “Bun in the Oven,” “Under Construction,” “Kiss Me, I’m Pregnant,” and “Gold Bless this child.”

Mixology Cookbook for Pregnant Women – Full of non-alcoholic healthy drinks!  This cookbook has drinks made out of fresh juices and herbs. Some of the drinks are supposed to help with the symptoms of pregnancy, like ginger based drinks for nausea, while other are just fun drinks for all to enjoy! These drinks are great ideas for women during the first, second, and third trimester, as well as for serving at baby showers and parties.

Unique Baby Food Maker – Blender, Steamer, Defroster and Reheater All in One.  This saves a lot of time by consolidating the baby food making process all in one kitchen tool. Baby food is expensive these days, and the organic stuff is even more costly. So any money saved by making your own baby food is probably worth the time spent – and this one makes it less time consuming!

Porn for Expecting Mothers – The shock is all in the title, here.  This book doesn’t actually have porn, but it does have pictures of guys doing nice things for their wives, along with funny captions. Whether she is pregnant with her first baby or whether she’s an experienced Mom-to-be, she’ll find this book entertaining! If you want a hilarious eye-popping gift, this is it! Some people call this a novelty, a joke book, a gag gift….. but others just call this book lots of fun! You decide if it fits the occasion 🙂

Gift idea for the food-lover Mom-to-be – You’ll know if this is the right gift!  This one sure isn’t for everyone, but I can imagine some Mom’s who love the thought of being pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen! For those, this makes a gift that is special and unique 🙂

“Love at First Sight” Ultrasound Frame

Help them Remember their Tummy! – This creates a great momento. It’s an especially ideal gift for the creative or artsy person! This is a really great kit for creating a pregnant belly cast! It’s sure a project that requires two people and some time and patience. However, if the Mom-to-be is the artsy or creative kind – especially the type that loves scrap booking or painting – then this would probably make a great gift! Below are some pictures of successfully cast pregnant bellies!