Unique Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

American Goldfinches Eating Thistle Seed
American Goldfinches Eating Thistle Seed

Unique Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers – Christmas Gifts For Kids & Adults

I’ve always loved being outdoors and observing nature. I grew up in the woods (my house was the only one in sight) and whenever life got difficult, I went out into the woods or out onto my pond for some peace. To this day I find peace and happiness outdoors, and I enjoy photographing wild animals and bird watching.

Here’s a Christmas wish list for nature lovers like me. Know someone who loves animals, birds, plants, and the outdoors in general? Here are some unique gift ideas for kids and adults who enjoy all of the things this beautiful Earth has to offer.

Goats in Trees 2015 Wall Calendar – Funny Gift Idea

I actually bought this calendar to give to someone in my family this year… The person who’s getting this is that hard-to-buy-for kind of person. He’s quirky and has a good sense of humor so I hope this will make him laugh just as much as it made me laugh. If you’ve never seen a goat in a tree, let me reassure you that goats do climb trees, and this is a real wildlife calendar. Amazing, huh?

Hummingbird Table Fan – High Quality Decorative Fan.  This hummingbird shaped fan is 11-inches tall by 6-inches wide. This may be the most unique gift yet!

A Real Mini Aquarium – With Real Live Marine Shrimp!   I usually don’t recommend giving any kind of pet as a gift, but this requires no maintenance at all. No feeding and no water changes. And yet the shrimp are expected to live 2-3 years! This is small (about 4″) so it makes the perfect desk accessory….. I think it’s an ideal gift for a nature lover to put on their desk.

Unique Circle Peanut Feeder – Attracts Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and Squirrels Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath I’ve seen some amazing photos of birds and squirrels eating from this peanut wreath! This is ideal for any bird watcher. Both kids and adults will love watching this, and if they are into photography, this is so great because birds and squirrels will likely pose for you on this 🙂  Buy Now

Amazing Camera for Bird Photography – This advanced point-and-shoot camera has 50x Zoom!   You can use the auto mode, or you can use custom settings. I have the older model with 35x zoom, and I can see craters on the moon with it! It’s almost unbelievable that this new model has 50x optical zoom.

Unique Bird House – Looks Like a Vintage Camper (Trailer).   This is a nice retro decor item that serves as a birdhouse too. It’s sure neat looking.

Hickory Walking Stick –   A walking stick is a good idea for anyone who enjoys walking or hiking in the woods. This one has fabulous reviews and is made in the USA!

Beautiful Flower Mugs – These mugs show the flower blossom inside, in the bottom of them!  They are large (14 oz) coffee or tea mugs…

Ant Farm – Watch Ants Make Tunnels!  Have you ever had an ant farm? If yes, then you can probably remember how exciting it is to observe them making tunnels. If you are going to buy this as a gift, order the ants online so that you will have the ants for your ant farm. There’s lots of information in the Amazon reviews about this.