Unique Gifts for a Bartender – My Favorite Ideas!

Best Unique Gift Ideas for Bartenders

Do you have a bartender on your holiday gift list? Or maybe a special bartender’s birthday is right around the corner? Whatever the occasion is, there sure is a perfect gift somewhere for it. I hope you find something memorable, useful, or funny on this page. Those are the three things I try to think about when gift buying. Is bartending just a job for them or is it their passion? Are they a professional with years of experience or are they new to it? Do they already have a bookshelf of vintage bartending books, or could you safely buy them a classic book? Bartending books are hot stuff – if you look on Ebay, you will find that ones published around the time of Prohibition are often subject to bidding wars. Many of them have been reprinted, but a first edition is always way more desirable. Now, on to some novelties for your perusing pleasure 🙂

Bartender Sculpture & Wine Holder – for the Bartender who has everything else!  This a hand-made sculpture of a bartender, which also holds a bottle of wine! Pretty clever, don’t you think? Look at that mustached face, bow tie, and stool! It even looks like he’s wearing a buttoned shirt. The artist really was detail oriented. I’ve seen these for other occupations as well, and they’re usually pretty good.

A Sassy Shirt For Her – This Quotable Tank Top Says: “My Job Is To Serve Your Ass, Not Kiss It”  It comes in many sizes and colors. Also, you will find links to other style shirts that have less or more sarcasm 🙂

Bartender Sculpture with Wine Rack – Unique Gift Idea!  This wine rack holds 6 bottles of wine! It is made in Germany out of recycled copper and steel. This is an unusual wine holder that would make a great gift for the bartender who enjoys wine!

Best Unusual Gift for the Bartender – Make Edible Shot Glasses out of Ice, Juice, Jello, and other liquid food… This is just great!  Of all of the gift suggestions on this page, I think this is my most creative one! This would make a great gift idea for not just Bartenders, but for anyone who loves an ice cold drink!

Ice Cube Novelty Tray – Shaped like Guitars – For something different at the bar….  Now, how surprised would a bar patron be to find an icy guitar in their drink? This gives new meaning for “on the rocks.” Of course you could turn around the tables, and serve a drink to your bartender with one of these guitars in it!

Gold Bartender Pendant for a Necklace – “#1 Bartender” in 14K Gold.   Show how much you appreciate them with this #1 Bartender pendant. It’d look great on a gold chain necklace, which you could buy along with this pendant… To make it a “ready to wear” gift. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Funny Gift – Bartender Only Parking Sign – “Violators will be shaken and stirred.”  This will sure make them laugh! Put this up at their parking spot, or maybe in their garage or on their driveway, for a real surprise! This makes a great gag gift for any occasion – Christmas, Birthday, etc.

Bartender Beer Mug Cufflinks – Great Gift Idea for Him!

Book of Jokes and Cartoons for the Bartender – A Gift that will be Enjoyed!   Over 1,000 Bar Jokes, Quotes and Cartoons.  A good bartender should know a few jokes. Here are some that they will sure enjoy!

Funny Sign for the Bar – “Warning.. I’m the Bartender Your Mother Warned You About”   This would make a great sign for the wall!

Teddy Bear for the Bartender – This bear’s shirt says “Bartenders are fun.”  I know many adults who love stuffed animals….. This is a great gift for the fun bartender!

Help the Bartender get more tips with this bell! – Money makes the world go around!  More people will give tips if they know that their tips will be recognized with the ringing of this bell! Is that a proven fact? I don’t know, but I think it’s worth a try 🙂

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