Unique Gifts for Campers – Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults

Going camping was a fun family outing when I was a kid… As I write this article, I am remembering many nights spent sleeping in tents, days spent hiking or swimming, and evenings around a bon fire making smores. Here are the best gift ideas I’ve found for adults and kids who love to go camping… Ideas include funny things, outdoorsy stuff, and more. These gifts could be for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion.

Camper’s Journal – Not a normal diary, but a book for keeping a trip record.  Keep track of each camping trip with this well-designed journal. Examples of things to fill in: campsite name and address, temperature and weather, who you met, where you went, what you ate, and more.

New Fun Outdoor Game for Everyone – Alternative to Frisbee.  How about a gift for the whole family? This is a new game to play at the campground or on the beach. It’s good fun for just two people or the whole family. Playing ball and Frisbee was always a good pastime when we were on vacation, and this new game will really get people moving.

Insulated Bag for Wine & Cheese – Perfect for a fancy picnic while camping  I remember having sips of wine while sitting at a picnic table at our camp site. It’s a nice way to relax, and if the people you’re thinking of enjoy wine, this is a thoughtful and luxurious gift idea.

“Go Girl” – Unusual Gift Idea for Women – Something an adventurous girl might want to try out, but may not know about!  You’ll know whether this gift will be welcomed with excitement or not. Personally, as a woman who likes convenience, reading the reviews makes me want to buy one… and maybe I will. I think I’d be tickled pink if I got this as a gift.

Gift Idea for the Camper who Loves taking Photos – Flexible Tripod for Use Everywhere!  This can be used to attach a camera to a tree, fence, rocky ground, or just about anywhere. It can be used with a camera that has a timer to take self-portraits. You can also set it up to take pictures hanging over cliffs and other locations that you couldn’t reach on your own.

Highly Rated Hiking Pole – Anti-Shock Feature, Compass & Thermometer.  Great gift idea for people who go hiking or on walks. It has lots of great reviews – people have used in on trails, climbs, concrete, the beach – just about everywhere. A hiking pole is a great choice for someone who desires the stability of a cane but prefers the comfort and look of a hiking pole. It has a comfortable cork handle and the attached compass and thermometer are useful accessories.

Campfire Cooking Set – Enjoy Roasting Marshmallows and Hotdogs.  This looks like a versatile set! One of the reviewers says that the hotdog holder thing works well as a toaster! Two slices of bread can be toasted at the same time.

Small, Waterproof Spice Holders for Camping – Delicious taste, minimal space!  Ever go camping or picnicking and forget the salt and pepper? Do they love garlic, oregano, or dill? Buy them a couple of these. Each one has two compartments, and they are a modular design so they can be expanded to fit as many spices as you like to have on hand. Great idea for the outdoor chef.

Fire Starter – A Fun Way to Light a Campfire!  This would make a great gift idea for a teen who wants to learn new survival skills and might enjoy showing off how to start a fire without matches.

Men’s Watch for Outdoor Adventures – Thermometer, Compass, Alarms, Stopwatch, Calendar

Home Brewed Coffee while Camping! –  A cool cooking gadget for the camper who loves coffee. Pair it up with a couple of bags of flavored ground coffee for a fun gift idea. You could also include packets of sugar and those small containers of flavored creamer.

Folding Shovel with Hammer Head – Ideal for Pounding in Tent Stakes, & Digging Firepits.  This is designed for the simple hammering and shoveling tasks related to camping. Examples given are moving coals around in the fire pit, digging the firepit, and hammering in tent stakes.

LED Lantern – Ideal for Camping and Emergencies.  This has lots of great reviews – over 1000 of them and the majority are 4 or 5 stars! It looks like a good replacement for an older style lamp, so even longtime campers might enjoy this bright, new lantern with long-lasting LEDs.

Handwarmers for Everyone! – When exposed to air, these provide heat for up to 10 hours.  These are good for emergencies and for staying warm on cold nights.

Books on Cooking Outdoors, Tying Knots, Setting up a Hammock – Books Make Great Gifts!  If the person you know enjoys reading and learning new stuff, they might enjoy one of these books.

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