Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers – My Favorite Ideas!


Hi, there. Meow!

Here’s a list of gift ideas for cat lovers….. I’m sure you have a few of those kind of people on your Christmas or holiday shopping list this year!! I know there are probably hundreds (thousands?) of websites about cat themed gifts, because the world loves cats! (Wasn’t the internet invented so that we could all share cat videos?) However, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by my taste. When shopping for gifts, my goal is to always find something unique and unexpected. So I’ve tried my best to come up with ideas that will be unexpected but appreciated. These ideas are purrfect for the new cat owner as well as the lifelong cat lover (like Me! I love cats so much that my family thinks I’m bilingual: I speak cat and English!)

A Wild Bag for the Artsy Cat Lover Laurel Burch TRES GATOS Medium Tote Bag Three Cats  Buy Now

A Wild Bag for the Artsy Cat Lover

This heart shaped pendant has a cat and lady.. so lovingly touching.

Here’s a glass jar to hold kitty treats!  The description says that this would make a whimsical gift for a cat lover, and I couldn’t agree more. It is a bit pricey but it looks so elegant. The lid has a cute sculpture of a cat going after a fish. The fish is actually a charm that can be jingled to call the cat’s attention.

Funny Gag Gift Idea: Novelty Parking Sign – “Parking for Cat Lovers Only… Violators will be Hissed.”  Put this up on their driveway, in their garage, or at their favorite parking spot, and just watch their reaction when they see this! They are sure to smile or laugh…. It’ll be a very unexpected gift!

For the Cat Owner who Loves to Read!  Does the cat lover you know have lots of books? Or even a few books that need to be propped up? This gift idea is for the bookworm or book collector who adores cats!

 Cute Black & White Teapot Chester The Cat Teapot.  This little kitty is adorable!

Funny Book of Cat Comics – Find out if you’ve got a killer cat!  I think the title says it all!

Kitty Cat Men’s Neck Tie – Gift for the Guy who Loves Cats.  This cat tie would match lots of different suits and shirts. It’d sure be a fun tie to wear just about anywhere.

Have you considered a Cat Tree? – For One Cat or Many.  I personally only found out about cat trees last year, and I think they are the ultimate cat accessory! You don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to enjoy this…. At least I hope not! One of the customer pictures shows 7 cats on this cat tree! This does take up a bit of space, so you may want to ask before buying it as a gift.

Cat Toys…. that Cats Actually Play With!  Over 200 Reviews on these Toys!  You can get the track type toy alone, or buy this set of toys. As the reviews attest, these toys won’t amaze all cats, but many cats are enthralled by them. I know that I used to love to play with my cat when I was a kid… If I had known about this cat toy I probably would have put it on my Christmas wish list. I especially recommend this as a gift for a child or adult who owns an energetic kitty cat!

Soft Cat Carrier – Useful Cat Accessory – Great Reviews on this Bag!  This bag is ideal for carrying a cat in the car or in the plane. If the person you know makes frequent trips to the vet’s office, or to cat shows, or travels with their cat, they might appreciate a high quality bag like this one.

Kitty Cat Throw Blanket –  Perfect for the sofa and bed.   I’m sure it will be enjoyed by cats as well as their owners!

Cat Jewelry Gift Idea: Mood Pendant Necklace – Great Present Idea for a Child or Teen Mood Pendant Necklace – Cat I know that when I was a kid, I was always fascinated by mood rings… Well, I guess I kind of still am. So, this would make a great gift for any lady who loves cats.. Whether it’s a young girl or an adult.

Cat Cufflinks for Him or Her – Silver Cats with Green Eyes.