Unique Gifts for Joggers and Marathon Runners – My Favorite Ideas!

Best Gifts for Joggers and Marathon Runners

Are you buying a gift for a jogger or a Marathon runner? If so, you might find my gift ideas helpful. I like to shop online because I enjoy finding unique and unusual things. If I plan early enough I often buy Christmas or birthday gifts online. Here are my top 10 running themed gifts. These include running accessories, apparel, “I love running” stuff, and more. I hope you find the perfect idea here! In addition to general jogging themed gifts, I’ve included some gift ideas for congratulating marathon runners. Running a marathon is a huge achievement and something really worth celebrating!

2015 Log Book for Runners –  This book has a place to write down the distance you run each day and there’s even a place to keep a tally. Apparently they’ve been publishing this journal type book since the 1970s! There are already many reviews on this by runners and parents of runners who buy this as a gift.

Heart Rate Monitor  Watch –  This watch is great for training for a marathon, or for exercising if you want to know how much of a work-out you’re getting! It comes with a wireless chest strap which broadcasts the heart rate to the watch, which then keeps track of it doing your workout. It even can give an audible alert to let you know when you’re in the “zone.”  A very handy tool for the serious jogger!

Pepper Spray – Runner model.  This has lots of reviews from people who carry this while jogging, especially when they’re out alone or at night time. It’s designed to be easy to hold in one hand. There are even a few accounts of people who’ve used it on attackers and dogs with success.

Congratulation Gift Ideas for Running a Half Marathon – Running a 13.1 Marathon is a big accomplishment!

Congratulations on Running a Full Marathon!  As you may know, a full marathon is 26.2 miles long.

Wrist Pocket for an MP3 Player or Phone – Extra-Light and Very Easy to Use!  I always have my MP3 player with me, but I usually have to either hold it or stick it in my pocket… Which means I have to wear a pair of pants that have pockets… And then most recently the headphone cord started breaking from being pushed the wrong way in my pocket. Anyway I’ve admired how other joggers put their MP3 player on their arm, and this looks like a good solution!

Warm Apparel for Cold Days…  Fleece is my favorite soft and warm material! For some people a fleece shirt like this may be more for after the run than during, but either way, it’s an ideal gift for those jogging in cold climates!

A New Pair of “Feet” – These insoles make my feet feel better!  These insoles can go in any pair of shoes, so it’s a practical gift that any runner can use…. It provides extra heel and arch support. I started buying these after experiencing foot pain. I think a pair of insoles might be a nice gift for a runner… They could extend the time that a pair of shoes can be worn for. When you run a lot, you go through shoes… But sometimes replacing the insoles make the shoes last a bit longer.

Water Bottle Holder / Waist Pack – Great Pack for Running! This has lots of positive reviews. Runners like it because it can be worn snugly enough that it doesn’t bounce around while running, plus it is large enough to hold a phone, keys, and other necessities, in addition to the insulated water bottle. Great gift idea for the runner who doesn’t have an easy way to carry water, a wallet, keys, etc.