Veterinary School Graduation Gifts

Giraffe Face
Giraffe Face

Gift Ideas for New Vet School Graduates

Here are some great gift ideas for Veterinary school graduates! Veterinary school usually lasts at least 4 years, so it is a long journey that should be really celebrated!  If you’re looking for a congratulations gift, you’re in the right place.  Because Veterinarian jobs are so varied, it can be hard to know what kind of gift to get. Some Vets have private practices, some work in zoos, with livestock, or specialize in one animal or one area of medical expertise. So when looking for a gift, it may help if you know a little bit about their future plans, or about whether they have a favorite animal.

Sterling Silver Veterinary Caduceus Pendant for a Necklace – Perfect Jewelry Gift for Her!   The Veterinary Caduceus is the medical symbol for the veterinarian profession. This is also available in 14K White Gold and 10K Yellow Gold.

Cute Dog & Cat Business Card Holder – Ideal for Vets in hospitals & private practice!  This will attract people’s attention and will probably get people to take a business card! It’s super cute, that’s for sure! It’s handcrafted out of recycled steel!

Cat Themed Bookends – Great Decoration Idea for the Home or Workplace.   Veterinarians probably have lots of medical textbooks and specialty books in their office. This pair of bookends will help hold them on the shelf!

Funny Vet Themed Coffee Mug! – This Comic Says: “I’d like my worm checked for dogs…”   I think this would make a great gift for any Veterinarian. You can’t really go wrong with this one! If you want to make the gift extra special, you could always put something inside the mug. Maybe some money, a gift card, movie tickets, candy, coffee or tea samples, jewelry, etc.

Cute Necklace Charm for the Veterinarian – Unique Design Featuring Paw Prints

Realistic Looking Dog T-Shirt – Doesn’t this look 3D?   This is better than just a normal printed t-shirt. This is designed so that it looks like the dog’s face is coming out of the shirt! I think this shirt would be a big hit with just about anyone who loves dogs! This one features a Golden Dog (Golden Retriever maybe?) but there are other shirts with other dog faces too!

Veterinarian Wine Bottle Holder – Funny & Unique Gift Idea.  This is a great idea if you want a Vet themed gift, but not something too serious! If the person you are buying for enjoys wine, then this is the perfect gift idea! For best gift presentation, include a bottle of their favorite wine. The “head” of the Vet goes on top of the wine bottle!

Kitty Cat Themed Tie for Him – Meow!

Veterinarian Parking Only Sign – Great Surprise Gift! –  This novelty parking sign can be used outdoors or indoors. For a very memorable day, put this up in their garage, driveway, or parking spot, and watch their face when they see it! I’m sure it’ll make them grin big!

Men’s Silk Necktie  – A fun animal tie would be a great addition to their work apparel.  Also ideal for wearing to job interviews.

 A Moootastic photo frame for their office! Great idea for the veterinarian who works with farm animals.   An animal themed picture frame is a great idea for a Veterinary physician. In most job pathways, Vets will have their own desk, and having some pictures will help make the space special.

Heartwarming Book by a Veterinarian – Now that they’ve finished with school, they might have time for fun reading!   This book may help remind them why they went through 4 arduous years of Vet school.

Best Desk Toy for a Vet’s Office! – This thirsty bird will drink water on its own!  This desk toy is sure to fascinate everyone!  It uses some physics principles to create a bird that will continually sip at a glass of water. I thought it might be great for a Veterinarian because it’s a bird, but it’s also fragile, and could be easily damaged by a cat or other animal knocking it over. So use your best judgement if you decide to give this as a gift!

More Animal Themed Bookends – Great for Holding Vet Books!w