Wedding Gift Ideas for Hippies

Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Hippies

Sometimes it’s fun to give a unique and surprising gift…. Wedding registries are helpful, but buying off of one is so predictable, and some might even say boring. Then there’s always people who buy something on the registry but at a different store, so it doesn’t get marked bought, and the wedding couple may get 2 or even a half dozen of the same item!

Here are some excellent ideas for hippy types. Since not all hippies are the same, I’ve got some here for the tree-hugging type, some for the deadhead type, as well as those laid-back down to earth folks. Have fun shopping – I’m sure you will find the very best gift for the bride and groom. 🙂

Old Fashion Cast Iron Trivet – Rustic and Elegant 🙂  I think an iron trivet would make a great wedding gift for the hippy couple who loves to cook and host dinners. Or, for any hippies who like the retro look. Of all of the necessities to start a new home, trivets aren’t usually thought of.. I have yet to see one given as a wedding gift or bridal shower gift, so this will hopefully stand out as a thoughtful and unique gift idea.

Vintage Camper Birdhouse – Unusual Design – So 1960s!  For the nature loving bride and groom – if they have a backyard – this makes for a beautiful decorative gift. It may just attract a pair of songbirds 🙂

Compost Pail – An Elegant Way to Store Food Scraps….  My parents used a simple tupperware container, but this is so much classier. They had the container next to the sink, and when cooking or cleaning up, all sorts of organic waste like banana peels and coffee grounds, went into the container.. And then my Dad brought it outside to put in the compost bucket.

Handcrafted Mugs with Mug Tree – Unique Earthenware.  This is some truly beautiful pottery!

Antique Style Tea Kettle Set – Beautiful Set for Serving Tea.  Some people are tea people. Does the bride and groom enjoy tea?

Hippie Salt and Pepper Shaker – Unusual Design for a Kitchen Accessory!  Aww… these fellows are cute! They’ll be the talk of the dinner party.

Picnic Basket for Wine & Cheese – Romantic Gift Idea.  For a personalized gift idea, you could buy two bottles of wine and include it with this set!

Cute Pillowcases –  Matching pillowcases for the newly wed couple!

Tie Dye Shower Curtain with Peace Sign – Wild Colors for the Bathroom!  This is one shower curtain design you won’t find in most brick-and-mortar stores!

“Make Love, Not War” Tapestry –  Approx 40 X 45 Inches

Vinyl is Back! – And here’s a modern day record player for the wedding couple 🙂  Do they love music? If so, look no further for the perfect gift idea. Today, some new albums are being released on vinyl, and it’s so much fun to re-discover old albums at thrift stores or in your parents’ attic 🙂

A Mushroom Grow Kit Seems like a Lot of Fun! – For hippies who like to grow their own food. There’s nothing magical about these mushrooms, but I’m sure they’ll taste delicious!

High Quality Binoculars – Great Gift Idea for Star Gazers, Bird Watchers, and those who like to travel.  It’s so much fun to look at birds, airplanes, stars, and even boats with binoculars. I always take them along when I go to the ocean. There’s so much to look at!

Funny Wine Bottle Holder – Choose from an assortment of Animals…. This Armadillo is just one of a dozen or so animals that are also wine caddies. This sculpture is a fun decorative piece. Don’t forget to include a special bottle of wine with the gift!

Gift Idea for the Gardener who Lives in a Cooler Climate – Start plants inside this Spring!  This is a great way to start seedlings. If the hippies have a green thumb, they’ll sure appreciate this thoughtful gift. This is a great way to start a vegetable garden, herb garden, or any other kind of plant. It has a heat mat to provide just the right temperature for germination.

A Few More Gift Ideas…. – For the Hard to Buy For

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