Weimaraner Ways – Sample Pages & Table of Contents

This is a comprehensive book about the Weimaraner Dog Breed, covering everything from dog health, the standard, showing, training methods, breeding, and more.  Scroll down for photos of the complete table of contents!

Table of Contents (Click pictures to see larger.)

Weimaraner Ways Book Table of Contents

IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0196IMG_0197Sample Pages – As you can see, this book is well illustrated with lots of helpful photos!

Weimaraner Ways Book Sample Pages

The chapter on health covers many conditions, including Swimmer Syndrome, Eyelash abnormalities, and Hernias.

Weimaraner Ways Book Covers Medical Issues Like Hernias, Eyelash Problems, Swimmer Syndrome

Book has instructions on showing Weimaraners

There have been several editions, including a 2010 special edition. Click here to see all editions and compare prices.

Whether you are looking for breeding & showing tips, or advice on medical issues or selecting a Weimaraner, this book will have something for you!  It has over 600 pages of valuable info!